OPPO Pad 2 Specifications Highlights Unveiled

OPPO Pad 2 Specifications

OPPO Pad 2 Specifications

Recently, news about the next generation of Android tablets has suddenly become more and more popular, with news that various manufacturers are preparing new flagship products that will be equipped with top flagship chips and stronger performance.

The blogger Digital Chat Station broke the news that the OPPO Pad 2 is coming soon with the Find X6 series launch and will be one of the first flagship tablets to be equipped with the Dimensity 9000 chip.

The overall performance compared to the previous Snapdragon 870 was significantly enhanced, in the game performance, light office and other experiences will significantly improve.

In addition to performance, the news also said that OPPO Pad 2 customized a new LCD, still a full-screen solution, size of about 11 inches, with 2800 × 2000p resolution, probably can be called 2.8K, refresh rate of 120Hz start.

But the LCD screen specifications are slightly controversial, some users feel good, and OLED looks a little softer, the large screen with more friendly to the eyes, and also that OLED is generally yellowing, the color too heavy. But there are some users that LCD is not as advanced as OLED, in color, contrast, brightness, and other aspects of the OLED screen.

ColorOS for Pad system is bound to further enhance, in support of parallel windows, two-finger split screen, seamless file transfer, and other functions, and continue to strengthen the adaptation of applications to enhance the software experience.

In addition, PC giant that has been pioneering in the field of the tablet, Lenovo’s real flagship tablet is also coming with a 3K narrow bezel screen of 3000 × 1876p and a core equipped with the Dimensity 9000.


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