RedMagic 8 Pro Passed Through MIIT Certification

RedMagic 8 Pro Passed Through MIIT

RedMagic 8 Pro Passed Through MIIT

The day Snapdragon 8 Gen2 was released, many cell phone manufacturers officially announced the news of the new flagship, and gaming phones, as a category with very high-performance requirements, naturally did not miss this opportunity to build momentum.

The RedMagic, a gaming phone brand from ZTE, said on the same day that its own RedMagic 8 Pro would be the first to carry Snapdragon 8 Gen2, which is already a very good honor for many gaming phone brands.


The new Snapdragon 8 Gen2 game phone is already on the network, the machine model number NX729J, the machine should be the fastest progress of the 8 Gen2 new machines of the ZTE Nubia system. After the network, the RedMagic official is expected to soon open the new machine preheat.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen2 score information was given yesterday, but the RedMagic’s phone has always been very good at scoring, whether the RedMagic 8 Pro can take the title of Android phone score king again, depends on the performance of the device.


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