Performance of the Xiaomi 13 Pro is Worth Looking Forward

Performance of the Xiaomi 13 Pro

Performance of the Xiaomi 13 Pro

This year’s new wave of flagship machine war than in the past is to come a little earlier indeed. After, Snapdragon 8 Gen2 release, many cell phone manufacturers have officially announced new products, of which Xiaomi’s new product attention is higher.

Recently, the Digital Chat Station brought the latest news of Xiaomi 13, which said Xiaomi 13 in the camera system of the secondary camera module has been upgraded, the whole system is standard with a Leica telephoto lens, Pro version with a 1-inch super bottom, in addition to the camera there are more big moves.

In addition, the Xiaomi 13 Series comes standard with a Snapdragon 8 Gen2 + Leica imaging system, the operating system is naturally the latest MIUI 14 from the factory pre-installed. This MIUI 14 to-do goal is the most streamlined and lightweight flagship cell phone system.

This 1-inch super bottom is naturally what is currently used on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, from Sony, Vivo’s X90 Pro+ released tonight will also carry it, and OPPO’s Find X6 Series will also use it.

From what was exposed a few days ago, Xiaomi 13 Standard Edition uses a 6.26-inch domestic OLED flexible straight screen, while Xiaomi 13 Pro uses a 6.7-inch Samsung 2K E6 curved screen with narrower screen bezels than its predecessor.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra this IMX989 exclusive period has passed, and Sony began to fully ship this giant sensor. In this period of exclusivity, Xiaomi as a pioneer did two very inspiring things. First: determined the direction, an inch large bottom is the most correct direction of the current flagship cell phone image; Second: found the golden formula of 1 inch + telephoto + Leica tuning, and reaped the first wave of praise. Next, look forward to the performance of the Xiaomi 13 Pro.

That is, Xiaomi has begun to use its sub-flagship to benchmark the flagship products of competing manufacturers, I wonder how next year’s Xiaomi 13 Ultra will stand out from the crowd.


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