Ex OPPO VP Spots Problems With 1-inch Camera Sensor

Problems With 1-inch Camera Sensor

Problems With 1-inch Camera Sensor

Although the next wave of the new flagship war has not yet begun, there are many configuration points already known, such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 or Dimensity 9200 processor, such as Sony’s 1-inch mega bottom sensor IMX989.

Recently, the former OPPO vice president Shen Yiren on their Weibo profile brought the spotlight on two problems with a 1-inch camera sensor, which is going to be equipped on imaging flagships.

The next wave of video flagships are 1-inch bottom sensor, so the design of the camera area will be in a round base to find some “differentiation” and “recognition”. Basically, there should be a height difference of 4-5mm between the highest point of the bulge and the thickness of the fuselage. It’s time to combine design ingenuity and craft details.

In fact, in the face of raised cell phone lens we have seen strange, but the 1-inch bump is a little too big, here you can go to the reference under the Xiaomi 12S Ultra processing, and the upcoming Vivo X90 Pro+ to see if it is acceptable.

Vivo X90 Pro+Hands-on video showing camera bump.

The other problem is the heavy head, these two problems in daily use are an unbearably strong presence. The large size of the lens module will also lead to an unbalanced body weight and focus on the top, these details will affect the daily experience.

Of course, the benefit of the bump is that the image will bring a substantial increase in cell phone photography can finally be formal and card machine strength, then to bump or to image, depending on the user’s own choice.


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