Realme 10 Pro+ Display Features Officially Explained

Realme 10 Pro+ Display Features Officially Explained 2

Realme 10 Pro+ Display Features

Realme’s new product line Realme 10 Series will be going to be official on the 17th of this month. Today the official continued to warm up for the machine and uncovered Realme 10 Pro+ display characteristics.

The machine is positioned in the mid-range, but it has a lot of brand flagships that have not reached the configuration. The most stunning is that the lower bezel is only 2.33mm and the 2160Hz ultra-high frequency dimming screen.

Originally, many people thought that the quality of such a prominent screen must be the production by domestic first-tier manufacturers, such as BOE or TCL China Star. But this afternoon Realme revealed the supplier of this screen is Tianma. At the same time, Realme also released a long article detailing the source of the screen and the depth of cooperation with Tianma.

To bring you a more transgressive screen experience, we began as early as August 2021 for the 2160Hz ultra-high frequency dimming technology pre-research and debugging, and reached strategic cooperation with the domestic head screen factory Tianma. Set up a research and development team consisting of dozens of experts. The two sides had deep collaboration and began a new generation of eye protection dimming technology research and development work.

Dimming frequency from 1920Hz breakthrough to 2160Hz is not only a simple digital upgrade but also a comprehensive innovation at the technical level. As there was no ready-made solution in the industry before, every step we took was almost from scratch.

To achieve this goal, both teams invested a lot of time and labor costs, from the open-mold design of the screen to the selection of the IC chip, to the power consumption model and the continuous debugging of the picture quality. After 15 months and 2 iterations of the prototype product, and finally successfully achieved the first mass production.

As a product born in Tianma’s top black standard production line, each screen has a flagship display and diamond quality.

In the future, Realme will continue to work with domestic screen manufacturers, to help push the domestic screen to achieve technological breakthroughs and bending overtaking also hope that more friends can join our ranks, together to accelerate the process of the high-end domestic screen.

Said, Realme.

Realme 10 Pro+ Display Features


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