Vivo OriginOS 3 Offical Now – Brings Newest Fluency

Vivo OriginOS 3 Offical Now

Vivo OriginOS 3 Offical Now

OriginOS has been around for three years since its release in 2020 and has made OriginOS one of the signatures of Vivo’s cell phones. Creativity and beauty are the biggest impressions of OriginOS before, including atomic notifications and atomic components, all of which make people shine for OriginOS.

Vivo OriginOS 3 Promotional Video

It is worth mentioning that the newly designed lock screen interface of OriginOS also allows users to further bring their creativity to the lock screen. Today, the Vivo developer conference is also the release of the new Vivo OriginOS 3.

Vivo OriginOS 3 Atomic Design System

Unlike the previous focus on aesthetics and creativity, OriginOS 3 puts the highest priority on improving fluency. According to Vivo’s vice president and OS product vice president around, OriginOS 3’s improvements in fluency include.

Smart computing pivot: Through the breakthrough of basic capability in the bottom layer, optimization of resource scheduling in the middle layer, and upgrading of visual and control perception in the upper layer, it is dedicated to achieving unprecedented silky lightness and lasting smoothness.

Memory Fusion +8GB: The maximum effect of memory +8GB is achieved to easily fuse more application data, and the maximum number of 12GB memory background applications can be kept alive up to 34 to better realize point-and-shoot and smoother multi-task parallel switching.

Unfair scheduling: ensure that foreground processes have sufficient arithmetic power, and background processes will not seize, disturb and block foreground applications. In the scenario of multi-task parallelism and high background load, the foreground application is still smooth.

In-place resurrection mechanism: Record the state of whitelisted apps before they are cleaned up in the background, and when you restart the app, it will still return to the page and progress when you quit the app last time, which is truly “seamless”.

Visual Fluency 2.0: With the motion blur technology, which is based on the principle of movie imaging, the phone still feels silky smooth and light even when running at a display frame rate of 60 fps, and the smoothness of the screen display has been improved by 18.7%.

Haptic smoothness 2.0: Adding suitable damping to the dynamic effect, combined with the law of acceleration curve in the physical world, makes the touch feel silkier and light.

In addition, Vivo also claims that OriginOS 3 can achieve 48 months of anti-aging. It is reported that OriginOS 3 internal test will be opened on November 9, and the public test will be opened in batches from late November.


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