Official Unveils Vivo X90 Camera Samples and New Technology

Vivo Imaging Strategy Conference

Vivo X90 Camera Samples and New Technology

On October 24, Vivo’s imaging strategy conference was officially held. Vivo’s imaging technology matrix was also officially announced at this imaging strategy conference: around the “three comparisons”, it adheres to the two strategic pivots of joint innovation and independent innovation to create competitive advantages in the increasingly homogeneous imaging arena and strives to build a technological barrier in the mobile imaging track and maintain a continuous lead.

Vivo Imaging Strategy Conference Recaps

vivo said that it will grasp two strategic pivot points, namely joint innovation (Zeiss joint research and development and industry joint development) and independent innovation (self-research chip and self-research algorithm), to create a humanized professional imaging system.

The four imaging technology engines, including the optical perception system, perfect color restoration engine, ultra-clear image quality engine, and arithmetic acceleration engine, are used to achieve excellent basic imaging.

Vivo revealed that the next generation of products will be equipped with a larger-frame CMOS with 77% more light-sensitive power than the Samsung GNV in the Vivo X80 Pro, which is expected to be the Vivo X90 series. According to the news, the new CMOS will be a 1-inch Sony IMX989. Here are upcoming Vivo X90 camera samples:

In addition, the next generation will be equipped with the “Vault Night View System”, which is based on million-night shots trained on three super-sensitive models, increasing light sensitivity by up to 100% and ISO up to 102400.

In terms of telephoto, Vivo’s next-generation products will also feature lenses with focal lengths above 5X, which theoretically improves shooting resolution by up to 64%.

In terms of portrait, Vivo’s next-generation products will be equipped with the “Super Sensitive Portrait System” with a new 50mm portrait lens, which can beautify details at the micron level through portrait understanding + portrait beautification + portrait atmosphere. In addition, the front soft selfie will also be upgraded to support an autofocus lens and micro slit dual soft light.

Vivo also announced the next generation of its chip, upgraded from traditional ISP architecture to AI-ISP architecture, combining the advantages of AI and ISP to achieve a data throughput rate of 1.3 trillion bit/s, a super high energy efficiency ratio of 16.3 Tops/w, and a 20% improvement in night video noise reduction.

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