Vivo holds Imaging Strategy Conference for X90 Series

Vivo Imaging Strategy Conference

Vivo Imaging Strategy Conference

Several flagship phones are already coming with rigorous new camera systems, and Vivo X90 Series phones are among them. Yesterday, Vivo officially scheduled an imaging strategy conference, which will be on the 24th of October.

Let everyone enjoy the creation fun, October 24 14:00, vivo image strategy conference, we will not see you.


This launch is a forward-looking event for the Vivo X90 Series flagship, and when Snapdragon 8 Gen2 is released next month, the machine will be equipped with the imaging technology that appeared at this launch.

In addition, according to the Digital Chat Station here, Vivo will show the new self-researched imaging ISP and new technology at this event. Almost a month in advance to warm up the flagship of the X90 Series.

The flagship of the super cup refers to the Vivo X90 Pro+, the machine in addition to the new technology in the image, it will also carry a 1-inch super bottom IMX989 sensor. And according to the new machine release time, the machine will be expected to become the second image flagship equipped with IMX989, while also having Zeiss optics and an imaging system.


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