Cooling System of the Honor X40 GT Makes SD888 Ice Dragon: New Trailer

Honor X40 GT Cooling System

Cooling System of the Honor X40 GT

This week, Honor announced that the upcoming Honor X40 GT is with Snapdragon 888 processor, and the slogan is Cool Flagship Core. X40 GT will be officially released on October 13, 19:30, and has opened reservations.

Today, Honor officially unleashed the cooling system of the Honor X40 GT, showing its targeted design to tame the Snapdragon 888 into an Ice Dragon. Firstly, Honor X40 GT adopts a large area of 4000+m㎡ liquid cooling VC. This VC even thermal plate adopts a double capillary structure of arterial cooling pump design, further enhancing its heat transfer effect.

In addition, Honor X40 GT also has up to 13 layers of dissipation material suit, with a total area of 16,300m㎡ of cooling structure. Among them, there are up to 8 layers of graphite cooling, which can realize the rapid conduction of collected heat and avoid accumulation.

According to the frame rate data released by Honor, the X40 GT has achieved temperature control without sacrificing performance, and various mainstream games can accomplish the primary full-frame operation.

The company’s first GT model, the Honor 10 GT, was released four years ago, and it has more performance and a better gaming experience than the standard version. Now, the GT model is coming back in the Honor X40 Series, and we will see how it will perform.

In the meantime, Honor also shared a promotional video for X40 GT. Including X40 GT, Honor brought three smartphones at a room temperature of 50°C, and in the heat wave, a God of War challenge about frame rate was underway.

Honor X40 GT God of War Challange

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