POCO F5 Appears in the Database: SD8 Gen2 + 2K Display

POCO F5 Appears in the Database, Redmi K60

POCO F5 Appears in the Database

This year’s Redmi K50 Series was released in March, and as usual, the new K60 model will debut in March next year at the earliest. According to a new report, the global version of the Redmi K60, POCO F5 appears in the database of IMEI, codenamed 23013PC75G.

The source has interpreted the code, saying that the code corresponds to the product model, launch time, market, and other information, where 23=2023, 01=January, PC=POCO, 75=M11A, and G=Global.

This means that the Redmi K60 (Pro+) and the overseas model PCOO F5 will debut around January next year, which is quite a bit earlier than March. It’s also within reasonable planning, after all, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen2-equipped machine is likely to be released at the end of November. So naturally, the K60 will also be logical to advance.

The Redmi K60 top-end version will also pack a 2K resolution AMOLED panel that supports a 120Hz refresh rate and has a maximum brightness of 1000 nits, which is an excellent parameter on paper.

In addition, the blogger Digital Gossip Station also recently revealed that the K60 series will make up for the regret of wireless charging, equipped with 30W wireless charging, more convenient to replenish power in the office.

The next new machines to be released by Redmi are the Note12 and the Redmi Pad, which will focus on the Double Eleven promotion.


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