First Design Diagram of Sony A7R5 Showing New Control Positioning and 63MP Sensor

First Design Diagram of Sony A7R5

First Design Diagram of Sony A7R5

According to the insiders, this month, Sony will release two new cameras. The Sony A7R5 (Alpha 7R5) will be released on October 26th, and the new ZV Series‘ entry-level compact camera with a fixed lens will be announced on October 12th.

Today, PhotoRumors revealed the first design diagram of the Sony A7R5. Compared with Sony A7R4, the body thickness increased slightly, the mode dial moved to the left side of the body, and the video recording button moved to the top of the body. For comparison, here are Sony A7R5 and A7R4 side-by-side.

Diagram of Sony A7R5 vs A7R4

According to the SonyAlphaRumors, a reliable source claims that the Sony A7R5 will have a new 63-megapixels or so sensor. However, the pixel count is not significantly higher than its predecessor. For now, we do not know what upgrades this sensor will bring, but it will deliver better image quality anyway, and the primary source of that improvement is probably the more advanced processor.


Sony’s Alpha 7R Series of cameras focuses on high-quality photography needs and is packed with high-pixel sensors. Three years earlier, Sony released the Alpha 7R4 with 61MP full-frame sensor with 15 levels of dynamic range. It also has 567 phase detection focus points and 425 contrast detection focus points, covering about 74% of the framing range.

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