Redmi K60 Series Adds Wireless Charging For The First Time

Redmi K60 Series Adds Wireless Charging

Redmi K60 Series Adds Wireless Charging

At the beginning of the year, Redmi commercialized K50 Series phones and received much positive feedback from users. Now users are looking forward to the new – Redmi K60 Series.

The Redmi K60 Series will also offer a wide range of models, from entry-level to high-end, and the news has already begun to trickle in. The latest news is that Redmi K60 Series adds wireless charging for the first time.

Because of the product positioning, the wireless charging configuration has always been absent on Redmi’s flagship, much to the regret of many users. According to the Digital Chat Station, this regret may soon be made up.

According to the report, mysterious Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 new machine parameters, the machine will have two charging specifications, one is 67W wired + 30W wireless, and there is an upgraded version of 120W wired + 30W wireless.

Combined with previous news, these new machines are likely to belong to the K60 Series models. This time, the wireless charging power is only 30W, but it can already solve the needs of many users. After all, it will be very convenient to get used to wireless charging, and when you go to work and put it on the charging board, you can always go out with a full charge, and you don’t need a fast charging speed.

(In picture: Redmi K50 Ultra)

It is reported that the new Redmi K60 Series is expected to meet with us in the first quarter of the following year, and without surprise, this machine will be the “flagship welder” in 2023. For more details, we will wait and see.


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