MediaTek Rules September Android Phone Performance List

September Android Phone Performance List

September Android Phone Performance List

The turn of the month is October, AnTuTu recently released the September Android flagship and sub-flagship phones performance ranking, and this is the high moment belonging to MediaTek.

In the September Android phone performance list, the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Plus beat all Snapdragon processors and occupy first place.

The list shows that the Asus ROG Phone 6D Ultimate edition which is jointly tuned with MediaTek, Dimensity 9000 Plus beat nine Snapdragon 8+ flagships in one fell swoop, with an average runtime score of 1123036 overall Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 phones.

It is reported that the ROG Phone 6D Ultimate not only has a high runtime score but also does a very good job in heat dissipation because of the exclusive cooling fan, the body open skylight heat dissipation design is unique in the industry, marveling at ROG’s bold design while also giving the Dimensity 9000+ an unprecedented achievement.

In terms of sub-flagship phones performance, OnePlus Ace ranked first in the list, with an average score of 821,025 points. OnePlus Ace is also equipped with MediaTek’s chipset – Dimensity 8100-Max.

With 8100-Max’s significant improvements in three areas, including game frame rate stability, AI calculation power, and night video Noise reduction capability, OnePlus Ace also has a VC cooling area of 4129.8mm², and the total cooling area is 35198.2mm², which makes its overall cooling area increased by 60%.

Thanks to the customizable Dimensity 8100-Max, coupled with excellent heat dissipation, the OnePlus Ace won the September sub-flagship king’s place.


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