UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner Makes Life Effortless

UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner

UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner

Even with a daily cleaning habit, floors get dirty quickly, and in the rainy season, the situation becomes worse. Mopping is an option, but does not work well and required lots of effort to keep floors clean.

To handle this kind of situation, UWANT gives us a solution – UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner. X100 is a power-assisted cleaner that uses water to scrub the floor and sucks the dirt back up.

UWANT has a solution: the X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner. This is a power-assisted cleaner that uses water to scrub the floor and sucks the dirt back up. With its dual roller brushes and automatic pet hair cutting technology, and long battery back-up make the UWANT X100 must-have cordless floor cleaner.

UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner Key Features:

  1. Double roller brushes design-Clean and no watermarks
  1. The patented front and rear double roller brush design: Double roller brushes enable scrubbing twice at one time, clean both dry and wet mess, and leave no mess.
  2. The independent dry back brush can remove the water stains left by the front brush cleaning, and the floor will not leave water marks after cleaning
    1. Double roller brush design-Front and rear dual power assist with less effort

    Push the front brush forward and rotate it backward, and pull the rear brush forward and rotate it forward, so that the X100 can be assisted in the front and rear directions, and cleaning is labor-saving and effortless.

    1. One-touch self-cleaning
    1. After cleaning, you can put it back on the base and start self-cleaning with one touch.
    2. The machine automatically absorbs the sewage impurities on the roller brush and uses running water to scrape the roller brush, base, and pipes at high speed. It can self-clean in depth for up to 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The cleaning time is increased by 50%, and it is cleaner.
    1. Patented hair-cutting device

    Technical explanation: During self-cleaning, the machine automatically starts the cutting device, cuts the hair wrapped around the brush, and quickly cuts off the hair wrapping on the brush.

    1. 44 minutes long battery life
    1. Different from conventional 18650 batteries, X100 uses 8 4000mAh 21700 high energy density batteries, input voltage 28.8V*4Ah, storage capacity 115Wh Extended technical explanation: The 21700 battery maintains the high reliability and stability as the 18650 battery, and at the same quality, the 21700 battery has a larger capacity and higher energy density (increase about 20%)
    2. The battery life can be up to 44 minutes which enables you to clean the whole 300㎡ house at one time
    3. It is Equipped with 34V/1.5A ultra-fast charging technology, so it can be fully charged within 3 hours
    1. Intelligent Dirt Sensing

    UWANT X100 has a built-in intelligent infrared sensor, which detects the degree of contamination of the roller brushes in real-time, and automatically adjusts the water volume and suction.

    Price and Offers

    UWANT X100 is now available for purchase at the price of USD 499, but currently, UWANT offering it with a special promo price of USD 399, and giving 5% off for subscribers at an effective price of USD 379.05.

    After everyone purchases, UWANT ships from the local warehouse. If customers have any questions during use then they can contact the office in time. UWANT has an overseas after-sales department, which can solve the problem in time.

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