Vivo X Fold+ Core Configuration and New Marketing Material Released

Vivo X Fold+ Core Configuration

Vivo X Fold+ Core Configuration

In addition to the girly phone from Xiaomi, Vivo will also introduce X Fold+ next week. To bring out the consumer’s attention, the Vivo side is given the Vivo X Fold+ core configuration in advance saying –

Regarding where the Vivo X Fold+ is stronger, I will first dramatize three points:
Stronger Snapdragon 8+ flagship chip.
Stronger 80W dual battery flash charging.
Stronger 5000+ application compatible experience.

Officially given these configuration points and the previous exposure exactly match, an upgrade to the new Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 is expected, otherwise, this phone will not be necessary to release, fast charging words not the fastest, but also complete enough.

In addition, the most important folding screen adaptation is the most critical, after all, the folding screen is not a new product in the last two years, but now the app adaptation situation has not done Very fit, and this time the Vivo X Fold+ is considered to have caught this pain point.

From the marketing material, the appearance is the same as the previous generation of Vivo X Fold, with blue and red colors, and the choice of Zeiss in the imaging system for the joint name.

The rear 50MP main camera lens + 48MP super wide angle lens + 12MP 2x telephoto lens + 8MP periscope telephoto lens make up the quad camera, built-in 4700mAh battery, support 80W wired and 50W wireless fast charging.

Vivo X Fold+ from the hardware stack can be said to be the ceiling level of the folding screen phone, this comprehensive upgrade is expected to significantly increase the starting price of this model. But for users who like folding screens, such a comprehensive model is worth a try.


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