Officially, Xiaomi Civi 2 Coming Soon

Xiaomi Civi 2 Coming Soon

Xiaomi Civi 2 Coming Soon

Today’s afternoon, the Xiaomi Civi Product Manager officially teased the upcoming arrival of the new Xiaomi Civi 2 on their personal Weibo account. Although there is only a simple “Coming soon”, its microblogging machine is already clearly given the word Xiaomi Civi 2, which is also considered to this period the machine rumors on the nail.

The new Xiaomi Civi 2 still focuses on the appearance of the design, equipped with Snapdragon 7 Gen1. 7 Gen1 uses Samsung 4nm process, the CPU is a 2.4GHz A710 super core, three 2.36GHz A710 large cores, and four 1.8GHz A510 small cores. GPU, Snapdragon 7 graphics rendering speed increased by 20% compared to Snapdragon 778G.

Xiaomi Civi 2 coming soon and will be upgraded with a new selfie camera in addition to the main design, and will be equipped with self-researched beauty technology, officially called “pixel-level skin renewal technology”.

In addition, the Civi series has always taken the thin and light route, which is particularly valuable in the current cell phone market, which is often 200g and is also the point that many technology enthusiasts like.


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