That’s Why Android Phones Are Behind Apple

Why Android Phones Are Behind Apple

That’s Why Android Phones Are Behind Apple

Despite the recession in the smartphone market, iPhone 14 Series sales are now getting numbers in line with expectations, not that Apple is too strong, but Android phones are too weak“, said Industry Insiders.

Why Android Phones Are Behind Apple

Insiders in the supply chain last year predicted the Apple iPhone 14 Series’s different chip adoption now he also confirmed the differentiation strategy of the iPhone 15 Series.

This year, he said, Apple currently has 40 million A17 Bionic chipsets (N3E) for next year’s (2023) iPhone 15 Series processors, and it can be determined that next year’s iPhone 15 Series will also be the only high-end model to switch to the new processor.

The accuracy of this insider is high in some aspects, such as being the first to expose Huawei’s sale of Honor, the first to say that Huawei purchases Qualcomm chips, and so on, but overall it should still be a catch-22 for internal supply chain rumors, specific data right for reference.

Apple A17 Bionic chipset will be mass-produced using TSMC’s latest 3nm iteration of the N3E process. N3E is an improved version of the N3 process, with certain enhancements compared to the N4 process currently used in the A16, but probably not as much as the previous generations.

TSMC PPT shows that N3E can reduce the power consumption of N5 nodes by 30-35% or the same power consumption to achieve a 15%-20% increase in frequency, the logic circuit part density 1.6X, other parts such as cache and analog circuitry may be about 1.1X increase, but the subsequent N2 than N3E to improve 10-15%, power consumption is again reduced by 25-30%, which is relatively more interesting.

Compared with the Android camp, Snapdragon 8 Gen2 launching in November, and Snapdragon 8 Gen2 Plus launching, both will be manufactured using the current 4nm process from TSMC. And 3nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 powered phones are expected in early 2024.

This type of early access to the advanced manufacturing process and while all Apple’s engineers are focusing on optimization of only one chipset and a single iOS version for the whole year, the final product is far far better than expectations.

On other hand, Android chipset and smartphone manufacturers’ focus is distributed on hundreds of different chipsets and corresponding cell phone models, while also needing attention on the software. That’s why Android phones are behind Apple, in terms of performance and other key experiences.

Back to Apple, this year Apple highly differentiated iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models, in addition to the camera and display, chips are also different this time. According to the reports, Apple will create more differentiation between iPhone 15 and iPhone Pro models.

In addition to the differentiation between standard and Pro models, Apple is also creating differentiation between the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. One of the known diffrent is that iPhone 15 Pro Max will first to carry a 6x Optical Zoom telephoto lens in iPhone’s history.

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