Vivo Polishing Continuous Optical Zoom Technology

Vivo Continuous Optical Zoom Technology

Vivo Continuous Optical Zoom Technology

The Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station revealed that domestic cell phone brands are following up on continuous optical zoom technology. Vivo is progressing at the fastest pace and may become the first domestic cell phone brand to commercialize continuous optical zoom technology.

At last year’s OPPO future image technology conference, OPPO released a continuous optical zoom technology. This optical zoom is achieved by adjusting the distance of the lens within the periscope lens, as a way to achieve the equivalent of 85mm-200mm focal length of continuous zoom.

Oppo Retractable Camera Phone Demo

This is almost 3x~7x continuous zoom, which is just like the telephoto lens of a DSLR camera. The advantage of this optical zoom is that no matter how you zoom in, it can still maintain the same level and color accuracy. After all, it is a lens internal optical zoom shot, there is certainly no different.

After OPPO, Sony successfully commercialized the continuous optical zoom technology in mass production, the first model is Xperia 1 Mark 4. It is worth noting that Sony is not as aggressive as OPPO, and the continuous optical zoom focal length of the Xperia 1 IV only achieves full coverage from 85mm to 125mm. Correspondingly, there is a lossless magnification between 3x and 5x.

Compared with the traditional digital zoom, the sample pictures taken by the continuous optical zoom are still very clear. Now Vivo is also following up the continuous optical zoom technology, and from the blogger, and digital chat station breaking news, Vivo’s progress is quite fast, it is likely to become the first domestic cell phone commercial use of the technology brand, worth looking forward to.


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