Xiaomi’s Next 1-inch Camera Phone will Also Pack 100W+ Charging Power

Xiaomi's Next 1-inch Camera Phone - Xiaomi 13 Ultra

Xiaomi’s Next 1-inch Camera Phone

This month, Apple is about to release the iPhone 14 Series. In the good defense at the same time, Android manufacturers are also conspiring to replace the product, after all, this year’s Snapdragon technology summit is ahead of schedule in November.

A few days ago on the social media platform, Lei Jun emphasized on social media that, “The next iteration of Ultra will be available in our global markets!” This Lei Jun’s statement is an early confirmation of the existence of Xiaomi 13 Ultra and the promise of a global launch.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra, no surprise will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor, the image part, with the experience of the first generation and Leica cooperation, tuning should be more mature.

Besides the global launch confirmation, Digital Chat Station shared other useful information, which is speculated to be belonging to Xiaomi 13 Ultra. “1 inch super bottom of the fast charging regret to makeup, next year is far more than hundreds of watts, including the first,” said Digital Chat Station.

Xiaomi officially released Xiaomi 12S Ultra this year as Xiaomi’s top flagship phone. As a major selling point of the machine, 12S Ultra debuted as a 1-inch camera phone Sony IMX989 sensor. But Xiaomi 12S Ultra still has regrets in the fast charging – 67W.

Although this is most likely due to the size limitation of the body, it would always be better if further breakthroughs could be achieved. With the next iteration, fast charging regret will be made up, and its iteration will use more 100-watt fast charging.

At the same time, the blogger also said that next year there will be many models with hundreds of watts of fast charging, and there may even be a breakthrough, which implies that Xiaomi may launch models with super 200W fast charging.


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