MediaTek T830 is a New CPE Platform with an Integrated 5G Modem

MediaTek T830 Introduction

MediaTek T830 Introduction

MediaTek today officially announced the MediaTek T830 CPE platform with an integrated 5G modem. MediaTek T830 adopts a 4nm process and Arm Cortex-A55 quad-core CPU and is equipped with M80 baseband, which supports 3GPP R16 standard and Sub-6GHz full-band 5G network with 5G rate up to 7Gbps.

MediaTek’s M80 baseband supports 5G NSA/SA networking, 5G FR quad-carrier aggregation with mixed FDD and TDD modes, and 5G dual SIM dual standby function.

MediaTek T830 has a built-in hardware-level Network Acceleration Engine and Wi-Fi Network Acceleration Engine to provide gigabit-level throughput performance for 5G network transmission to Ethernet or Wi-Fi without increasing CPU load. It also supports 5G UltraSave power-saving technology to reduce power consumption.

For interfaces, the T830 supports three PCI-Express, USB 3.2, two USXGMII interfaces at rates up to 10GbE, and RJ11 phone line support via PCM/SPI interface. It also supports 3D Graphic and display drivers, open source software such as RDK-B, prplOS, and OpenSync, and complies with the carrier’s open operating system framework specifications.


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