New process Make Xiaomi 13 Series Bezels Narrower

Xiaomi 13 Series bezels are made narrower

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Xiaomi 13 Series Bezels

Xiaomi 13 Series will all be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen2 flagship processor, the chip is still TSMC 4nm process to build. This chip will be released in November at the earliest, and Xiaomi 13 debut immediately after, do not rule out the possibility of Xiaomi again getting the first right.

Today, the blogger Digital Chat Station hinted that the Xiaomi 13 Series has two screen options, the standard version is a straight screen, 1080P resolution, while the Pro version is a curved screen, 2K resolution, LTPO + E6 material, both of which are in the form of a mid-hole dig.

Not only that, but the Digital Chat Station also revealed that because of the new packaging process, Xiaomi 13 Series bezels are made narrower. There is no doubt that the Xiaomi 13 Series is using the COP packaging process, the principle of which is to directly bend part of the screen, thus further reducing the bezel, is a technical process used only in the high-end flagship.


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