OmniVision OVB0A Officially Launched to Complete with HP3

OmniVision OVB0A Officially Launched

OmniVision OVB0A Officially Launched

Currently, the Moto X30 Pro is the only phone with a 200MP camera sensor on the market. It packs the previous generation’s ISOCELL HP1, instead of the newly launched ISOCELL HP3. This may be because of the technical barrier of sensor size.

OmniVision is also suffering the same situation, but they did not stop evolving technology breakthroughs. Although the first 200MP sensor OVB0B with 0.612 µm no manufacturers made it available for consumers, another OmniVision OVB0A officially launched with 200MP resolutions.

The new OmniVision OVB0A is the ultra-compact 200-megapixel image sensor with a pixel size of only 0.56 microns, upgraded from 0.612 µm of OVB0B. The OVB0A is designed as high-end smartphone rear wide-angle main camera, according to the introduction.

With its unique 16-in-1 pixel merging feature, the OVB0A offers excellent low-light performance. In addition, the image sensor features 100% Quad Phase Detection (QPD) for fast and accurate autofocus.

Officially, the OVB0A’s 0.56-micron pixel is smaller than the wavelength of red light, but its QPD and quantum efficiency (QE) performance reach the level of the previous generation’s 0.61-micron pixel. Using Howell Group’s PureCelPlus-S wafer stacking technology, extremely high resolution can be maintained in the smaller 0.56-micron pixel size, packing 200 megapixels into a 1/1.4-inch optical structure.

In addition, the OVB0A sensor’s selective conversion gain provides an optimal balance between low-light image quality and high dynamic range (HDR), so smartphone manufacturers can optimize HDR performance for contrasting light and dark areas in any scene.

The image sensor also utilizes sixteen-in-one pixel merging to achieve 12.5MP/4K premium video capture at 120 frames per second. It captures 12.5MP/4K video at a frame rate of 60 fps and offers a second exposure interlaced HDR timing option.

The on-chip pixel reduction algorithm enables 12.5 megapixel 8K video and 2x crop zoom (with HDR). The OVB0A image sensor supports CPHY, DPHY, and dual DOVDD (1.8V and 1.2V) and samples will be available in Q4 2022.

OmniVision OVB0A Specifications


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