Lenovo Highlights Legion VR700

Lenovo Highlights Legion VR700

Lenovo Legion VR700 Announcement

Lenovo consumer ecology’s fall new product launch is scheduled for August 18. Where, in addition to smartphones and tablets, Lenovo will also release a VR headset – Legion VR700.

The Legion VR700 is equipped with a Qualcomm XR2 processor, which is the current processor used in mainstream VR headsets, with improved CPU and GPU performance compared to the previous generation, 4x video broadband improvement, 6x resolution improvement, and 11x AI performance improvement.

In terms of display, the headset features a 4K RealRGB display that supports high brush response. In addition, it supports a 6DoF interaction system, which enables dual 6DoF spatial body positioning of head and hand, and more accurate positioning of the handle.

In addition, this headset also supports the entire network of Akiyon resources, using the iQUT 2.0 standard, with the VR700 as the carrier, to achieve end-cloud integration, and to bring users a better viewing experience.

The hardware of the Lenovo VR700 is similar to that of the QiYi Dream Pro VR all-in-one machine previously released by QiYi, which debuted at 2,499 yuan, and the price of this new product from Lenovo is expected to be in this price range.


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