Why Do Gamers Prefer PS5 Over Xbox Series X?

PS5 Over Xbox Series X

The battle between both the major gaming consoles never seizes and deciding which one to buy can be a hassle because one, they are expensive and two, we all need a machine that lets us play nonstop for at least the next five years.

And so here we are back with yet another comparison of both the juggernauts of console gaming and we will be closely talking about all the details, features, and differences in performance of both machines. To be honest, both the machines are quite similar to each other on paper and it really depends on what the user wants to know about the better choice.

But let’s try to break down the PROs and CONs of one of these consoles to figure out why exactly gamers prefer PS5 over Xbox Series X!

Specifications and Performance

The PS5 CPU is a third-generation Ryzen custom processor with eight cores using AMD’s exclusive 7nm Zen Microarchitecture. A significantly customized version of AMD’s Radeon Navi, which supports ray-tracing and can mimic 3D audio, serves as the PS5 GPU. More specifically, it provides 36 CUs at 2.23GHz and 10.28 teraFLOPs. Along with it, there has 16GB GDDR6 RAM. The PS5 has a proprietary 825GB SSD that operates at 5.5GB per second for storage.

While the Xbox Series X specifications. Microsoft and AMD collaborated to co-engineer a unique system-on-chip platform, similar to Sony which effectively means the CPU and GPU are integrated. Although the Xbox Series X version of the Zen 2 system has eight cores, it runs at a slower 3.8GHz. The GPU, meanwhile, has 52 CUs running at 1.825GHz and can handle 12 teraFLOPs. As a result, Xbox Series X can enable real-time, hardware-accelerated ray-tracing, which produces stunning images.

The console also boasts a large 1TB SSD that spins at 2.4GB per second and 16GB GDDR6 RAM. If you need more room, the official Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card provides an additional 1TB of storage.

Versions and Cost

So after looking at the specifications, it might be easy to say that Xbox series X totally takes the crown, right? Well, things aren’t as simple as they seem on paper, the real deal is quite different when you power up both the consoles and start playing games, the experience varies a great deal. PS5’s full-fat version sits at around $499.99/£449.99 while the digital edition is around $399.99/£359.99. And the Xbox is priced at $499/£449 and Xbox Series S costs $299.99/£249.

And if we take a look at the price tag, there’s also no difference. So the real question is what makes one better than the other if not the performance or the price?

Games and Exclusives

According to many studies, it’s been found that the majority of the gamers prefer to buy PS5 and the only reason for that is Playstation’s massive catalog of exclusive games. Because when it comes to Xbox exclusives, you can also find most of them on Windows as well, which doesn’t really make them exclusive, unlike Playstation, where the exclusives are actually exclusive to the console.

So this question is simply answered by knowing your preferences when it comes to gaming, are you into a subscription-based model as Microsoft now offers with their Xbox X that gets many games under $10? or are you more into playing those breathtaking exclusives? With a much better controller, the Playstation experience might be it for you.

While, if you just want to go easy on your pocket with no extra investments, Xbox X is the real deal, and if you are a Bethesda fan, the future lies in Xbox X. Both the consoles are technological masterpieces and both have their own pros and cons so it ultimately, lies with you to choose as per your gaming requirements.

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