Redmi K50 Supreme Edition Design and Uniquely Customized Display Detailed

Redmi K50 Supreme Edition Display Features

Redmi K50 Supreme Edition Design

After announcing the very first look of the K50 Supreme Edition a.k.a. K50 Extreme/Ultimate Edition a.k.a. Redmi K50 Ultra, Redmi directly shared the Redmi K50 Supreme Edition design of the front and rear face through marketing material.

This color scheme is Silver Trail, and the design follows Xiaomi’s family heritage, Xiaomi 12/12S series, and Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro. The K50 Supreme Edition’s back ID design follows that of the Xiaomi 12 Series, with the same rectangular module, upper main camera, a lower left lens, and right flash layout, but with minor adjustments to the details.

The K50 Supreme Edition also features a 108-megapixel Samsung HM6 camera, which supports up to 8K video and 1.92μm pixel photos. In addition to module adjustments, the K50 Supreme Edition also features a large deeply curved AG glass to further narrow the waistline (reduced to 3.12mm) and improve the grip feel.

The camera deco was upgraded to the metal material, CNC engraving and polishing at the frame, and one big and two small lens arrangements. The textured beautiful back is 11.7mm long, deep curved, and large arc, looking stunningly streamlined.

Redmi K50 Supreme Edition Display Features

In addition to the design, the Redmi K50 Supreme Edition display is also uniquely customized with OLED with 1.5K resolution. To introduce this never-before-seen screen, Lu Weibing specifically released a long article explaining the features, advantages, and the meaning behind the 1.5K.

According to Lu Weibing, this 1.5K screen in the K50 Supreme Edition is the product of Redmi’s joint lab with two domestic screen manufacturers, TCL and Tianma, and the investment of a lot of resources. Lu Weibing hopes that this 1.5K screen can reverse the industry’s reputation and perception of domestic OLED, and testify for domestic OLED.

At the same time, he also believes that 1.5K will become the new industry mainstream with the advantage of balancing high image quality and low power consumption, and welcomes all friendly companies to follow suit.

However, the 1.5K screen has caused some controversy, with users worried that it will fall into the embarrassing situation of “blurrier than 2K, more power-efficient than 1080P”, which may need to wait until the launch of the K50 Supreme Edition to have a definitive conclusion.

Redmi K50 Supreme Edition display resolution reaches 446PPi, which is close to 2K, and at the same time can achieve a low power consumption of nearly 1080P resolution, so that users do not have to choose between battery life and HD display.

At the same time, the official said this time will also bring high eye protection, color and other experiences, and breakthroughs in brightness consistency, screen technology, screen life, and other three major technical directions.

In addition to these, there is also 1920 high-frequency PWM dimming, which can almost perfectly solve the problem of OLED screen “hot eyes”, and compared to the DC dimming better display effect, will not appear to wipe screen situation. Below are all display highlights from the official announcement:


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