Moto X30 Pro Pure White Color Scheme Unveiled Along With Full Display Specs

Moto X30 Pro Pure White Color

Moto X30 Pro Pure White Color and Display Specifications

After unveiling details about the camera system, today Motorola officially announced Moto X30 Pro Pure White color options. For a long time, it has been rare to see pure white bodies on cell phones, mostly gradient or other colors such as beige and white, and nowadays white bodies are very rare, not because manufacturers do not want to do, but rather because laborious.

The Moto X30 Pro Pure White process is more difficult, very test the CMF level of a cell phone manufacturer, a little deviation in the process, the final result will be completely different, and the texture will also be discounted. Chen Jin also posted this time that “white is the color that best highlights the texture of the body and is also the most difficult to adjust.”

Moto X30 Pro Officially Launched – Check out Price and Specifications

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Moto X30 Pro is Motorola’s top-positioned flagship model this year, this time not only equipped with Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 strong performance but also in the design, camera, and fast charging on all aspects of the upgrade. And display is also not left behind, here are full Moto X30 Pro display specifications:

The 6.7-inch screen features Corning AG glass and a fully symmetrical 53° golden curvature, allowing the screen’s lines to diffuse naturally and revealing a symmetrical harmony and tension that can be felt in the hand or front of the eye, with a jade-like softness.

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