Lenovo ZUI 14 Promo Video Unveiled New Features and UI Design

Lenovo ZUI 14 Promo Video

Lenovo ZUI 14 Promo Video

In addition to the new tablet PC and Legion Y70 formal beast, today, Lenovo Legion officially released a video introducing the new ZUI 14 operating system. The official ZUI Weibo hashtag also includes Legion Y70 Beast and Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2022, which is expected to debut with ZUI 14.

Lenovo ZUI 14 Promotional Video

The new ZUI 14 is a new “all-in-one card” feature that is similar to the “widget” feature of the recent operating system in the way it is presented, bringing more customizable space for users.

In addition, the new system also includes a color-changing notification bar function, which allows the notification bar icons to change according to the theme color of the desktop wallpaper, giving the desktop an overall unified look and feel.

In addition to these instantly recognizable feature updates, ZUI 14 has also made adjustments in the details. Firstly, ZUI 14 has fine-tuned the design of icons to make them consistent in look and feel with other adjustments to the new system; secondly, the new system has also made changes to the font to enhance the look and feel.


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