Samsung Patent for Variable Refresh Rate for Different Display Area

Samsung Patent for Variable Refresh Rate

Samsung Patent for Variable Refresh Rate

As the preferred screen supplier for many smartphone manufacturers’ flagship phones, Samsung’s position in the smartphone screen world can be described as extremely solid, able to fight head-to-head with Samsung’s cell phone screen suppliers are rare.

Recently, Samsung disclosed a patent for display refresh rate technology applied to mobile devices. Samsung’s new patent application describes a display technology that can be applied in multiple areas of a screen with a variable refresh rate at the same time. This may be the next upgrade direction of Samsung mobile display refresh rate technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 was the first product to use a fixed refresh rate of 120Hz. The Galaxy S21 Ultra and later the S22 both used a variable refresh rate screen, which means the screen can adjust the refresh rate according to the display content, thus enhancing the phone’s battery life.

Samsung’s new patent application is for a “method of driving a display with multiple refresh frequencies” that allows the display to “drive multiple display areas with different drive frequencies.” In human terms, Samsung’s future refresh rate technology, you can make the screen part of the 30Hz or 60Hz refresh rate, another part of the frequency of 120Hz to present.

That is, the system allows a high refresh rate of 120Hz to be used only in part while displaying content at a lower refresh rate in the same scene. This technology can further optimize the phone life.

It is worth noting that this patent was filed back in early 2021, but was not published until recently. Considering this, there is a question mark over whether this technology will become a reality.

In addition, the patent application will not necessarily be put into production use, so whether Samsung can achieve this “magic” refresh rate technology in practice is still unknown.


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