Xiaomi 12S Ultra Packed with Unreleased Another Self developed Chip

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Packed with Surge C2 ISP

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Packed with Surge C2 ISP

As Xiaomi’s flagship this year, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra can be said to focus on all of Xiaomi’s technology in cell phones in the past few years, just self-research chips are equipped with two, respectively, Surge P1 and Surge G1, two chipset synthesis for the Xiaomi Surge battery management system, which can bring better battery life and charging experience for the phone.

However, a blogger recently disassembled Xiaomi 12S Ultra and found that the machine in the motherboard there is a third printed Xiaomi logo chip, model Surge C2 followed by serial number – 2214A027, etc, which is likely to be Xiaomi’s research Surge C1 ISP chip upgrade, but, interestingly, Xiaomi did not mention the existence of the chip at the time of the launch.

It is presumed that the corresponding function has not yet been fully realized, so it did not make public. From the volume, this Surge C2 chip “area” is not small, for the inch of the motherboard or a certain “erosive power”, Xiaomi naturally will not arbitrarily put it on their top flagship, which is expected in the subsequent system upgrades.

In some car manufacturers even seat ventilation and heating need to open a separate charge, but Xiaomi pre-packed a chip into the phone, and the subsequent use of no cost, said the conscience of manufacturers is not too much, right?

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