Moto X30 Pro Official Renderings Reveals Complete Design

Moto X30 Pro Official Renderings

Moto X30 Pro Official Renderings

After many rounds of pre-heating, the official Weibo of Motorola, finally officially announced the design of the world’s first 200-megapixel phone Moto X30 Pro this afternoon. Official states, “Freeze frame, return to reality. 200 megapixels era, details, never been so clear.”

At the same time, Moto X30 Pro official renderings were also released revealing the entire appearance of the Moto X30 Pro. The front is a centered punch-hole hyperbolic screen with 53° curvature.

Moto X30 Pro’s rear lens has a large and two small triangular designs of camera sensors. The nameplate on the right side is marked with the words 200MP and 1/1.22″ | OIS for the main camera lens parameters.

At the center of the rear case is the vaguely flashing moto’s “M” logo, and at the bottom written “Motorola. On the bottom side of the device, USB Type-C, speaker, mic, and SIM card slot are located.

Textured beauty, probably the most comfortable to look at and hold,” said Chen Jin. The overall look of the machine’s texture is still very good, especially the black version, very businesslike.

In addition to 200 megapixels camera and Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor, Chen Jin pointed out that high power fast charging is important, and the public protocol remains high power fast charging is even more important. Moto X30 Pro not only comes standard with a 125W GaN charger, but also supports the public protocol with up to 100W output, and the public protocol with up to 90W input.

Generally speaking, cell phone charging protocols are divided into public protocols and private protocols. Simply put, public protocols are the fast charging protocols that everyone can choose, and the mainstream protocols include USB-PD, Qualcomm QC, MediaTek PE, and so on. The private protocol is the manufacturer’s own custom fast charging solutions, such as VOOC, FlashCharger, etc.

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