Big Upgrade: Moto Razr 2022 Battery Capacity Announced

Moto Razr 2022 Battery Capacity

Moto Razr 2022 Battery Capacity

From the recent frequent official Motorola previews, the classic brand that sold out to Lenovo has prepared its two new Snapdragon 8+ flagships: Moto X30 Pro and Moto razr 2022, releasing on August 02.

Moto Razr 2022 Promotional Video

Previously there were rumors that the Moto Razr 2022 battery capacity of 2800mAh, Chen Jin debunked the rumors saying: “This is the technical specifications of the previous generation razr”, and said that the razr in his hands was a non-main machine, brush microblogging, WeChat, answer the phone scenario, has not been charged for three days, the result is that 63% of the battery is still left.”

Today’s morning, Chen Jin officially announced Moto Razr 2022 battery is 3500mAh, which notable upgrade from the previous 2800mAh capacity on Razr 5G. Chen Jin said, “3500mah is an excellent figure for a vertical folding screen phone, 8+ Gen1 excellent power efficiency ratio, and Razr 2022 excellent power management… It is destined to be a folding phone with excellent battery life!

Moto Razr 2022 still uses the top and bottom folding scheme this time, with a larger secondary screen originally intended to facilitate users to view notifications and show the new standby clock in real-time.

Combined with the currently known news, Moto Razr 2022 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ flagship processor, a 50-megapixel f/1.8 main camera + 13-megapixel wide-angle/macro combination sensor on the rear, and a 32-megapixel lens on the front. The inner screen is a 6.7-inch centered perforated screen with FHD+ resolution and 3-inch secondary screen size, along with an X-axis linear motor and stereo dual speakers.

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