Leaked Redmi Pad live photo reveals design

Redmi Pad Live Photo

Redmi Pad Live Photo

The epidemic has resurrected the Android tablet market, and all of the mainstream manufacturers have now launched brand new tablet products, except for Redmi.

But also soon, recently a digital blogger brought a suspected Redmi Pad live photo, identifying the machine belongs to Redmi the biggest sign is the upper left corner of the “mi” word, although painted part of the market, but only Redmi can also be right this logo. The whole tablet has a mint green color scheme, with a fresh and simple rear shell design and a right-angle border.

The rear lens design is also the same as this year’s K50 series, with the main camera not being small in size, and the position below it not being able to tell whether it is a single camera or a multi-camera combination because of the reflection.

The screen of the tablet should be 10-11 inches, the net rumor is 10.4 inches, and the processor used is MediaTek’s Kompanio, the model is temporarily unknown.

If you’re looking for a release time, Lu Weibing has already previewed the K50S series, so Redmi’s tablet is also expected to be announced at the same conference.


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