Lu Weibing Warm-up K50 Ultimate Masterpiece: SD8+ with Immortal Charging

Lu Weibing Warm-up Redmi K50 Ultimate Masterpiece

Lu Weibing Warm-up K50 Ultimate Masterpiece

After the end of the iQOO 10 Series launch conference, Redmi brand general manager Lu Weibing congratulated the iQOO brand on the release of the new product he said, “excitement is still behind, so stay tuned for.”

Congratulations on the release of the new friendly products, but the excitement is still behind, so stay tuned for: (1) Snapdragon 8+ more extreme performance, but also see the K50 universe ultimate masterpiece; (2) faster charging, also see Redmi Note Immortal Second Charge! All expectations are met.”

From the content, we can see that Redmi rumors of that Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 new flagship do exist, and the machine will also become the most top of the Redmi configuration in 2022, the release time is next month.

In addition, in terms of fast charging, iQOO 10 Pro uses 200W fast charging, and is currently the fastest, Redmi looks like it should also be to challenge this figure. Xiaomi as early as last year when it has given Xiaomi 11 Pro magic version of 200W fast charging display, 4000mAh battery as fast as 8 minutes can be filled.

But so far have not seen Xiaomi take out commercial products. If this is the first 200W on the Redmi K50 Ultimate masterpiece, it will undoubtedly be another backstab to their flagship machine.


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