Nubia Z40S Pro Promotional Video Exposes All Aspects

Nubia Z40S Pro Promotional Video

Nubia Z40S Pro Promotional Video

Nubia’s new launch will be held at 14:00 on July 20, when Nubia will bring its latest Snapdragon 8+ flagship Z40S Pro. And in the meantime, Nubia’s official microblog brought the latest previews, exposing more details through Nubia Z40S Pro promotional video.

Nubia Z40S Pro Promotional Video

The Nubia Z40S Pro is equipped with an X-axis linear motor that supports 1.18Grms steady-state vibration volume, with a fully upgraded tactile feel and 300+ rich vibration effects.

Display, Nubia Z40S Pro with 6.67-inch OLED flexible straight screen, support DC-like dimming, support 144Hz refresh rate and 480Hz sampling rate, with center punch design, with 0.95mm narrow bezel and 94.8% screen-to-body ratio.

Nubia Z40S Pro is equipped with the new Snapdragon 8+ processor and ten-layer cold seal cooling system, applying aerospace-grade cooling material, which provides a reliable guarantee in performance and heat dissipation and can better cope with high-quality games.

With the new frame rate dynamic adjustment algorithm, it can better balance performance and temperature, and the standard deviation of frame rate fluctuation is not more than 0.5 in the full-frame very high-quality test of Honor of King and Genshin Impact.

In addition, in the previous exposé, Nubia Z40S Pro also has a function similar to the one-plus three-stage two-stage button, different from the Nubia Z40S Pro’s two-stage button mode and can be freely configured.

Nubia Z40S Pro camera system pack a 64MP IMX787 OIS + 50MP ISOCELL JN1 + 8MP HI847 OIS, ring flash + Flicker sensor, to bring multi Focal Lengths photography aspects.

As a new Snapdragon 8+ flagship with great looks and performance, the Nubia Z40S Pro has a lot to offer and is available in a co-branded version with the national comic book “Spirit Cage”.


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