OPPO 240W Charging Solution is in Testing

OPPO 240W Charging Solution is in Testing 2

OPPO 240W Charging Solution

OPPO 240W Charging Solution

As an essential area for smartphone manufacturers to roll in, the fast charging power competition will likely end.

In addition to iQOO 10 Pro’s 200W (20V 10A) charging solution, another major manufacturer was piloting a more powerful charging solution. This is OPPO 240W charging solution (24V 10A) which is currently in the engineering verification testing phase.

For the battery with a dual-cell triple charge pump design, its theoretical peak power is 300W. The maximum power of the current USB Type-C interface specification is 240W.

Taking into account the heat dissipation problem, Vivo used a full-blooded 200W fast charger. Although OPPO tested 240W fast charging, the fast charging strategy is conservative, the actual speed is not as fast as Vivo’s 200W fast charging.

OPPO 240W Charging Solution is in Testing 1

The current fast charging standard, USB PD 3.1, was announced by the USB-IF Association in May 2021, raising the original charging power from PD 3.0 up to 100W to a maximum of 240W.

If the USB Type-C charging specification is not too much changed, the cell phone manufacturers in the field of in-roll will likely be over, what do you think the next field of open-roll will be?


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