Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio with Built-in Earbuds, Nokia 2660 Flip, and Nokia 8210 4G Classic Phone Launched

Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio | Nokia 2660 Flip | Nokia 8210 4G

Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio | Nokia 2660 Flip | Nokia 8210 4G

HMD Global officially released three brand new Nokia feature phones – Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio, Nokia 2660 Flip, and Nokia 8210. Among them, Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio is most interesting as it packs TWS earbuds and a charging case inside the phone’s body.

Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio

Nokia Nokia 5710 XA looks like a regular candy bar-style feature phone from the front, with a 2.4-inch QVGA display and the classic T9 keyboard. But at the back, there is a charging compartment, which can be seen by sliding the plastic cover.

The charging compartment is for charging the TWS earbuds which provide up to 4 hours of music playback or 2.4 hours of talk time per charge. Official says the Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio’s removable 1450mAh battery provides up to 6 hours of talk time on 4G networks and up to 20 days of standby time.

Other features include a 3.5mm headphones jack, Bluetooth 5.0, 128MB ROM, 48MB RAM, dedicated music control buttons, FM radio support, a micro USB port, and a .3MP VGA quality camera. The device comes with the Symbian S30 operating system and supports microSD up to 32GB, and is priced at £74.99.

Nokia 8210 4G

On the other hand, Nokia 8210 4G is a classic feature phone based on the classic Nokia 8210 released in 1999. This release of the replica Nokia 8210, with the original shape as the design inspiration, blue, red, gray three colorways, screen expanded to 2.8 inches, with a large island keyboard with a more intuitive user interface.

In terms of network, it supports a 4G network and at the same time, supports VoLTE HD voice calls and has a built-in 1450mAh battery. As for entertainment features, it supports an MP3 player, wireless and wired FM radio, and an integrated camera. It is quite good for an emergency backup or the elderly, the price is £64.99.

Nokia 2660 Flip

At the same time, the Nokia 2660 Flip also reproduced the classic flip design, continues Nokia’s classic flip design and is equipped with an external screen for user convenience, allowing users to see incoming calls, messages, and other notifications at a glance.

The body is made of polycarbonate, although it is plastic, but has very high durability, after years of use can still maintain its color beautifully, the flip cover has also been tested tens of thousands of times, restoring the quality of Nokia.

The flip cover has a large 2.8-inch color screen inside, which has some gaps compared to the current touch screen, but the effective display area is not inferior to a flip cover with its keyboard.

At the same time, for the elderly group who are more suitable to use the keypad machine, Nokia 2660 Flip is also equipped with an enlarged version of the interface and oversized buttons, making it easier and more convenient for elderly users to use.

It can also enter the accessibility mode with one key when you turn on the phone for the first time, and with the age-appropriate design, it can be said to be a very thoughtful phone for special groups. Of course, the Nokia 2660 Flip is also optimized for volume, with a special high volume mode, so that parents and elders do not miss a single call.

It also has a built-in emergency button that automatically contacts 5 pre-set emergency contacts with just one key in case of an accident for seniors, ensuring that to get help timely.

It is worth mentioning that Nokia 2660 Flip is also equipped with a charging dock, no need to bother with plugging in and charging, just put it gently and it will turn into a landline in seconds, when you are at home, you can put it on to replenish the power so that your parents will not be out of touch due to lack of power. Nokia 2660 Flip is also priced at £64.99.

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