Nubia Z40S Pro Finalized to Challenge Straight Screen Ceiling

Nubia Z40S Pro Finalized

Nubia Z40S Pro Finalized

Earlier this month, ZTE had teased that the new Nubia Z series would be officially released in July and said it would be a new generation of straight-screen flagship benchmark work.

Now, Nubia Technologies Limited President Ni Fei officially announced the name of the new straight screen flagship – Nubia Z40S Pro, with a further breakthrough in humanistic photography.

The Nubia Z40 Pro is a very “courageous” product. We started with the Nubia Z40 Pro, which was the first 35mm focal length for cell phones, and this innovation was recognized by the media, the photography community, and consumers from all walks of life.

Of course, Nubia originated from images, but this time it is more than images. In addition to the further breakthrough in humanistic photography, the Nubia Z40S Pro will also surprise fans in terms of product aesthetics and performance. This month, let Nubia Z40S Pro define the new benchmark of straight screen flagship!

Said, Ni Fei.
Nubia Z40 Pro.

In meantime, a new Nubia model NX702J has now passed radio approval and is expected to be the yet-to-be-released Z40S Pro.

Suspected Nubia Z40S Pro live photo.

According to this line of thought, the model will probably follow the 35mm main camera while upgrading the processor to Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+. In addition, Z40S Pro’s “chin” control is excellent, basically equal to the width of the other sides, and can bring users a better visual experience.


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