Nubia Z40S Pro Camera Specifications, Layout, And Samples Announced

Nubia Z40S Pro Camera layout

Nubia Z40S Pro Camera Specifications, Layout, And Samples

After giving some hints, today Nubia finally announced that the Nubia Z40S Pro launch conference is scheduled on July 20 at 2:00 pm on the mainland. The official said Nubia Z40S Pro will define a new benchmark for straight screen flagship with very narrow bezels on both sides.

Nubia Z series from the beginning of the birth of the pursuit of the ultimate, to do the best spiritual core as the original intention of product development. This time, we have made a breakthrough from the individual aesthetics, extreme image, and hardcore performance to create this straight screen flagship new benchmark.” said, Nubia.

Besides the release date and time, Nubia Z40S Pro camera specifications were also unveiled. The Nubia Z40S Pro imaging system is a primary 35mm f/1.6 OIS with the same specifications as its predecessor IMX787. The periscope telephoto 125mm f/3.4 OIS, and ring flash.

The Nubia Z40S Pro uses exclusive 35mm custom optics and supports hardware-level optical bokeh, which has its unique test. Furthermore, to achieve a Humanistic image, Nubia also added a 50mm portrait mode, the different perspectives provide more composition options. At the same time official also released the first batch of Nubia Z40S Pro camera samples, let’s have a look:

Overall, compared with the previous generation Z40 Pro, the Z40S Pro will improve performance while reducing power consumption with Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, while retaining the highly acclaimed 35mm custom lens and new camera add-ons, performance is worth looking forward to.

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