Realme GT2 Explorer White Version, Pixelworks X7, and Hidden Shoulder Key Exposure

Realme GT2 Explorer White Version

Realme GT2 Explorer White Version, Pixelworks X7, and Hidden Shoulder Key

Realme’s new GT2 Explorer Master Edition will be officially released tomorrow at 14:00, the first in the Chinese market. In the meantime, officials keep continuing to warm up the machine today.

Performance and design have been already revealed, I thought nothing was surprising to look forward to, but the result is that today Realme still put a big move, the official said:

The new generation of X7 Sole display chip. Ultra-low latency insertion frame, compared to the previous generation of the solo display latency reduced by 60%. The new king of the solo display, the challenge of the peak of the gaming experience!”

The Realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition is the first to be equipped with Pixelworks X7 chip, with latency reduced to 10ms from the 30ms of the previous generation X5.

Realme’s last model, the GT Neo3, has been equipped with the Pixelworks X5 chip, which can optimize the game screen by intelligently interpolating frames and invoking 3D LUT for precise color calibration, giving users a more excellent gaming experience.

In addition, GT2 Explorer will also debut a completely hidden shoulder key system for the next-level gaming experience. The industry’s first LPDDR5X debut and the first Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 straight screen are also there.

Besides the above-mentioned features, today’s officials also announced Realme GT2 Explorer in white finish, named – Iceland. GT2 Explorer’s white version comes with a new process of AG glass back cover, the real machine richer sense of hierarchy, the texture is very advanced, official also said: “this is the Realme from the creation to now, I ranked first white.”

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