Redmi K50 Ultra 3C Certification Uncover Charging Speed

Redmi K50 Ultra 3C Certification

Redmi K50 Ultra 3C Certification

The hottest news from Xiaomi in the past week is that the new 12S Ultra is going to have a 1-inch super bottom, and the other two new models in Xiaomi’s 12S series are going to have their main cameras replaced, which gives a lot of Redmi users something to look forward to in terms of the new camera’s image since the two share a lot of things.

According to reports, Redmi is also about to get a new large base main camera. This is a confirmation of sorts that the new Redmi phone will have a new main camera. The new phone could be named Redmi K50S Pro or Redmi K50 Ultra.

Today, Redmi K50 Ultra 3C Certification also cleared with model 22081212C. Certification shows that the device is equipped with a 120W charger, and the previous radio certification is the same model. According to previous reports, this model will pack Snapdragon 8+ Gen1.

120W super-fast charging, which theoretically takes less than 20 minutes to fill up to 100%, makes it possible to charge before going out and use it for a whole day. In addition, it will be equipped with a 2K high refresh rate straight screen made of E5.


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