RedMagic 7S Magic GPU And ICE 10.0 Magic Cooling System Uncovered

RedMagic 7S Magic GPU And ICE 10.0 Magic Cooling

RedMagic 7S Magic GPU And ICE 10.0 Magic Cooling

In addition to ASUS ROG Phone 6, RedMagic new generation of gaming phone RedMagic 7S Series will be released on the 11th, with the main game stable frame technology and ICE 10.0 magic cooling.

Today the official announcement of Magic GPU self-research stable frame engine, claimed four core technologies to solve the problem of game lag. Using the stable frame MAGIC GPU stable frame engine, four core technologies, eliminating four major game lag scenarios, frame rate stability by 60%. Specifically, these four core technologies are:

In addition, the official RedMagic said, ICE 10.0 magic cooling for the first time using a new composite phase change material composed of graphene + n-XXI-alkane, heat dissipation coefficient increased by 20%, the back cover of the body fell by 2℃ on average; warhead alloy canyon air duct using purple copper alloy material, thermal conductivity increased by 3 times; through fluid simulation technology to optimize the position of the air duct, the grid air inlet down 4.5mm, to solve the backflow. The air volume is increased by 18%, the noise is reduced by 4dB, and the overall cooling effect is improved by 6°C.

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