RedMagic 7S and RedMagic 7S Pro Completely Unveiled

RedMagic 7S and RedMagic 7S Pro release date and time

RedMagic 7S and RedMagic 7S Pro

In addition to Realme’s GT2 Master Explorer Edition, gaming phone brand RedMagic also officially announced the release date of its new gaming phone this morning. The official said RedMagic 7S and RedMagic 7S Pro be officially released at 15:00 on July 11.

What is known about this new phone is that it will be upgraded to Snapdragon 8+ processor, keeping up with the most advanced process of the moment. In addition, an ultra-high brush screen and large battery are also necessary, the machine in the storage combination will support the maximum 18GB + 1TB version, which can be said to be the gospel of large-capacity lovers.

Besides the announcement of the launch schedule, RedMagic 7S Pro official renderings were also unveiled together. Renderings showing the exterior design of the “tritium front transparent silver wing version.”

The RedMagic 7S Pro is the same as the previous RedMagic 7 Pro, and no changes have been made to the overall structure layout. It has a transparent shell + decorative plate design, with the designed decorative plate with the same white fixed screws, presenting a unique sense of technology.

Through the transparent back panel, we can see that the RedMagic 7S Pro follows the series’ previous fan active cooling design, which allows it to run the Genshin Impact with a steady frame rate into a straight line.

It is worth mentioning that from the rendering we can also see that the under-screen camera technology previously used in the RedMagic 7 Pro has also been inherited in the RedMagic 7S Pro, with a large screen on the front bringing an excellent look and feel.

In terms of specifications, the RedMagic 7S is equipped with a large 6.8-inch 2080 × 2400 resolution OLED screen, equipped with a 4500mAh battery, supports 165W fast charging, has a 64-megapixel main camera, provides a red and blue gradient, black, green three-color scheme, up to 18GB memory + 512GB storage combination.

The more highly positioned RedMagic 7S Pro, while also using the Snapdragon 8+ processor with a 6.8-inch 2080 × 2400 resolution OLED large screen, a large 5000mAh battery, support for 165W fast charging, 64MP main camera, offering red and blue gradient, black and green colorways, and a combination of up to 18GB memory + 1TB storage.


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