Xiaomi Surge G1 Battery Management Chip Details Explained

Xiaomi Surge G1 Battery Management Chip

Xiaomi Surge G1 Battery Management Chip

Following Xiaomi’s self-researched Surge P1 chip, today Xiaomi officially brought a new self-researched battery management chip: the Xiaomi Surge G1. Surge P1 fast charging chip plus Surge G1 battery management chip, to achieve the self-research of battery management full-link technology.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra, equipped with these two self-researched chips, millisecond real-time monitoring of battery safety, significantly improves the accuracy of the battery life prediction, and most importantly, effectively enhances the duration of life.

From the information available online, the benefit of this chip is that it enables smarter discharge management, thus bringing better battery life to the phone, and is first carried by the Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

From then on, Xiaomi’s phones will gradually realize the dual-chip strategy of P1 (fast charging chip) + G1 (battery management chip), thus giving the phone an effective boost in both charging and battery life.

After Surge G1, the official Xiaomi microblogging brought a long article explaining in detail the working concept of the two self-research chips equipped with Xiaomi 12S Ultra, officially called Xiaomi Surge Battery Management System, which is the last piece of the puzzle to make up for the fast charging field.

Surge battery management system is one of the most core technologies of electric vehicles, as the central brain of the power battery, directly determines the safety, range, and power of electric vehicles, the positioning in the battery pack is even higher than the battery hardware itself, is the core key technology of electric vehicles.”

Xiaomi Surge battery management system is divided into 3 major categories: battery health, accurate prediction, and battery life improvement:

Battery Health

Battery health means that the Surge G1 can monitor the slight changes in the internal material of the phone’s battery cells (ISP) caused by drops and rushes, etc. It can also dynamically analyze the reasonable temperature range (SOA) of the battery undercharging and heavy load scenarios based on the temperature rise model, and provide battery maintenance functions to extend battery life based on the health of the battery cells.

Accurate Prediction

Accurate prediction is based on the user’s usage status and habits, “minute by minute” prediction of the available time, the accuracy is much higher than Android’s prediction function.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life improvement, the Surge G1 can accurately adapt to the discharge curve characteristics of the silicon-oxygen negative electrode and dynamically adjust the discharge state (DTPT) to improve the overall battery life by 3-5%.

In addition, Xiaomi 12S will also be equipped with a new generation of lithium cobalt acid batteries, through the pressure resistance system and innovative design, the same volume of the battery increased by 100mAh, and the small size of the body also has large power.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra will use the second generation of silicon-oxygen negative electrode battery, adding nano-level lithium-rich silicon-oxygen material in the negative electrode, which is the darling of new energy trams, bringing 4 times the lithium-ion storage capacity of traditional lithium batteries.

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