Xiaomi Band 7 Pro AOD, Easy to Change Strap, And Design

Xiaomi Band 7 Pro

Xiaomi Band 7 Pro Exposure

A few days ago, Xiaomi officially announced a new generation of the smart band – Xiaomi Band 7 Pro will debut together with Xiaomi 12S Series.

This new Band can be said to be the biggest “deformation” since the birth of the Xiaomi smart band, from the oval form changed into a square, equipped with a rectangular screen, the display area has increased dramatically, and the effective display content is also significantly larger, can bring a lot of new ways to play.

The official unveiled another important configuration of Xiaomi Band 7 Pro, that it will support the always-on display function, no need to raise your wrist, anytime and anywhere you glance the eye can easily view the notification, time, and other information.

What’s more, the style of the always-on display is also available in a very rich variety and should be the same in the main market to provide third-party downloads, which the user can freely choose.

Xiaomi Band 7 Pro bezel control is also very good, on the left and right three sides are very narrow, the lower bezel also performed well, just slightly wider than the other three sides, and the overall visual effect is better than the smart band.

Of course, the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro will support professional sports mode, 24-hour heart rate sleep monitoring naturally does not matter. Like pressure monitoring, breathing training, PAI vitality index assessment, sedentary reminders, step counting, goal setting, and other functions on Xiaomi Band 7 Pro will not be absent, basically can replace the smartwatch.

In addition, the device will be equipped with a quick-release strap design, can be very easy to disassemble the upper and lower strap, and convenient replacement for different styles.

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