Suspected Renderings of Honor X40i Shows Two Rings Intersecting

Honor X40i Renderings

Renderings of Honor X40i

Recently, a new smartphone of Honor circulated on the Internet, the machine because of its higher value performance and caused extensive discussion among netizens.

The phone’s overall design is similar to the iPhone 13’s right-angle bezel design, and the color scheme is pearlescent white, with bling in the white, which looks very bright.

The design of the rear lens module is still the biggest feature of the phone design, with two rings intersecting design, which is the first time in the current smartphone market. The recognition is quite high, the lens edge also uses a light gold processing, the lens configuration for two, from this point of view its positioning is not too high.

It is said that the machine may be classified as an iteration of the Honor X series, suspected to be Honor X40i, no official news has been given yet, but friends interested in its face can squat a little.


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