Huawei XMAGE is the exclusive Huawei Mobile Imaging Brand to Replace Leica

Huawei XMAGE - Huawei Mobile Imaging

Huawei XMAGE – Huawei Mobile Imaging

Today, Huawei officially launched the new brand Huawei XMAGE – an exclusive brand for Huawei Mobile Imaging. Huawei promises that the next generation of smartphones will also bring a breakthrough in the field of imaging.

He Gang, chief operating officer of Huawei, said, “Huawei XMAGE, which will be the exclusive logo of Huawei Mobile Imaging, announces our leadership and maturity in the field of imaging and will also represent our continued breakthrough and commitment.”

After Huawei ended its cooperation with Leica, the outside world has been curious about what the next phase of the exclusive icon belonging to Huawei Imaging would be. Now, the answer is officially revealed.

Huawei XMAGE – Huawei Mobile Imaging

The establishment of Huawei Imaging XMAGE is also releasing a clear signal to the outside world: Huawei still has the ambition and will to continuously innovate technology and constantly break through the boundaries, undaunted by challenges.

Huawei Imaging’s strategic investment revolves around three dimensions: technological innovation, shooting experience, and imaging culture. The technological innovation and shooting experience innovation represented by Huawei XMAGE mainly revolves around the optical system, imaging technology, image processing, and other areas.

The optical system is represented by several core technologies, such as multi-camera system, periscopic telephoto, free-form lens, etc. The imaging technology is an intersection center of photoelectric conversion, including an RYYB super-sensitive sensor, full pixel octa-core focus, 10-channel multi-spectral sensor, hyperspectral image, etc.

Image processing is a collection of technologies at the algorithm level, including AI photography, real-time HDR fusion, XD Fusion Pro computational photography, XD Optics computational optics, etc.


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