OPPO Watch 3 Series and OPPO Band 2 Models and Details Unveiled

OPPO Watch 3 Series and OPPO Band 2

OPPO Watch 3 Series and OPPO Band 2

Following the success of two generations of smartwatches from OPPO, now the brand is preparing for OPPO Watch 3 Series along with OPPO Band 2 according to the Digital Chat Station.

According to the report, OPPO Watch 3 series full smartwatch will features long battery life, divided into OWW211/212/213 three models. Featuring a high screen-to-body ratio, and micro-arc square dial design, there will be available in black, silver, dark gray, and light gold, the function should have all.

In terms of OPPO Band 2, the model number is OBB211, which will be available in black and blue, support NFC, blood oxygen exercise monitoring, etc. The second half of the year is looking at new flagships, new devices, and new systems.

OPPO Watch 2 series, the flagship of OPPO full smartwatch, was released in July 2021, supporting independent eSIM, 50+ App, and 100+ sports modes, with dual-core and dual system configuration, providing two modes of full intelligence and light intelligence.

OPPO Watch 3 Series and OPPO Band 2

OPPO Health Lab has developed its professional skiing algorithm, which can record more than 10 kinds of data including skiing distance, speed, slope, altitude, and trajectory in addition to exercise heart rate and calorie consumption.


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