Tencent START ENGINE Demonstrate EVOLUTION Based Native Cloud Game Technology



At the SPARK 2022 conference, Tencent Games introduced 44 products and projects for the Chinese market, along with several projects that harness game-related technology for cultural, industrial, and scientific research. At the press conference, Tencent START ENGINE released the first native cloud game technology demo “EVOLUTION”.


Officially, the team invited the technology originally only in the field of film and television to an experience that can be interacted with in real-time. The ultra-fine rendering of dinosaurs and the dense and realistic woods make people feel like they are in the era of dinosaurs hundreds of millions of years ago.

Tencent Games also dangled new information about cloud-game technology, with START ENGINE offering EVOLUTION, a demo of its native cloud game technology. In the demo, players are brought back to the era of dinosaurs on a movie-level, the real-time interactive scene with ultra-fine rendered dinosaurs and dense woods. Native cloud-game technology organically supports synchronization for multiple players.

The START ENGINE team is focused on the development of native cloud game technology and offering a brand-new game experience to the end-users. START ENGINE is looking forward to working with global game studios, indie developers, and film industry creators to explore more possibilities and embark on a journey to a full-real world together.

Tencent Games stated.

According to the official introduction, due to the absence or lack of subdivision technology for creatures in the game production pipeline, the current game is unable to achieve close to real skin texture, texture, and color in the biological rendering.

Tencent START ENGINE proposes a real-time subdivision solution – adding the model subdivision technology from film and TV to real-time rendering, and transferring this stressful work to an exclusive card so that it can show players super 3A-level detail performance and achieve film and TV-level effects. Tencent START ENGINE key features are listed below:

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