Dimensity 9000 Plus Benchmark Unveiled: Older Can be Upgraded Via OTA

Dimensity 9000 Plus Benchmark

Dimensity 9000 Plus Benchmark

Qualcomm launched Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen1 based on Snapdragon 8 Gen1, MediaTek launched Dimensity 9000 Plus based on Dimensity 9000, both TSMC 4nm process, X2 mega core, 3.2GHz ultra-high frequency, proper pinpoint to wheat.

So, who is better? After the release, the Dimensity 9000 Plus benchmark appeared in the GeekBench 5 score database, with a single-core score of 1322 and a multi-core score of 4331.

Compared to the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen1 scores that have been revealed, the Dimensity 9000 Plus is about 20 points ahead in single-core and 130 points ahead in multi-core.

At the moment, the 9000+ has just been born and there is still a lot of room for optimization, plus the 9000 itself has excellent high power efficiency, so it is expected to have more advantages in performance and power efficiency performance in commercial terminals.

In addition, according to the Digital Chat Station’s report, there are already at least two new models of MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000+ chip in development, and there’s even an OTA to overclock the original Dimensity 9000 model directly.

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