Xiaomi Optical Innovation: Development in Imaging Over The Years

Xiaomi Optical Innovation

Xiaomi Optical Innovation

Xiaomi’s new product will cooperate with the world-renowned image manufacturer Leica, the news must have seen a lot of this time. With the release time getting closer and closer, the official preheating about the machine is also more intensive.

Now there is the latest news, recently Xiaomi’s official microblogging released a long article, called “ride the light, reveal Xiaomi optical innovation”, a detailed introduction to Xiaomi’s development in imaging over the years, but also in the warm-up for the upcoming new flagship. The official said:

Faced with the inherent physical limitations compared to professional cameras, how cell phone optical innovation can exchange space for performance and show optical effects close to those of cameras between square inches is becoming an innovative high point that the entire cell phone industry is competing for, and the optical innovation of Chinese brands is drawing increasing attention.

In February 2019, Xiaomi 9 Transparent Supreme Edition pioneered the 7P lens with the largest aperture of F1.47, supporting ultra-wide-angle and macro shooting, opening up a new vision of cell phone photography.

In November 2019, Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium Edition with a 108-megapixel lens and the first 8P lens was released. In December 2019, Redmi K30 5G pioneered the industry’s smallest front lens, achieving an incredibly small aperture of 4.38mm in the industry.

In November 2020, Xiaomi launched its self-developed “telescopic large aperture lens” technology at the MIDC 2020 developer conference.

Xiaomi Optical Innovation

In March 2021, Xiaomi MIX Fold premiered liquid lens, which realized both telephoto and macro lenses; Xiaomi 11Pro and Ultra released at the same time were equipped with a 1/1.12-inch Samsung GN2 large base sensor, pushing the CMOS size of the phone to a level close to one inch.

In the future, the innovation of the cell phone lens will be in the computational optics, plane optics (IR, Cover Glass, prism), geometric optics (periscope, refraction), physical optics (DOE diffraction element, Mate lens, nano-embossing), and other aspects of continuous force, for this, Xiaomi optical team has been the most adequate preparation for the release of new products in July, will be presented for every Xiaomi fan Surprise.


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